Call for Papers: Empowering communities for non-structural seismic risk mitigation: the central role of communication

When earthquakes happen, they shake people out of their routines. The disruption brings to the attention of everybody on the issue of seismic risk. However, life normalization is often inseparable of the capacity to forget past disasters. Earthquake science plays a central role of counteracting such inter-seismic lapses of social memory by pushing communities and individuals to integrate seismic risk reduction on their routines and lifestyles. However, most risk communication strategies still rely on a top-to-down approach by disregarding, or not giving a solid importance, the assessment of needs, obstacles and priorities of communities and stakeholders exposed to hazards.  
This was a major aim that the KnowRISK (Know your city, Reduce seISmicrisK through non-structural components) project pursued by exploring effective ways and tools of communicating seismic risk to empower communities for its mitigation.
Other examples concerning the risk posed by geo-hazards are welcome.
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