Seismological investigations in the Gioia Tauro Basin (southern Calabria, Italy)

E. Giampiccolo, C. Musumeci, F. Falà, S. Gresta


This study provides new seismological information to characterize the seismically active area of the Gioia
Tauro basin (southern Calabria, Italy). Seismic activity recorded by a temporary network from 1985 to 1994 was
analyzed for focal mechanisms, stress tensor inversion, P-wave seismic attenuation and earthquake source parameters
estimation. Fault plane solutions of selected events showed a variety of different mechanisms, even if
a prevalence of normal dip-slip solutions with prevalent rupture orientations occurring along ca. NE-SW directions
was observed. Stress tensor inversion analysis disclosed a region governed mainly by a NW-SE extensional
stress regime with a nearly vertical ?1. These results are consistent with the structure movements affecting
the studied area and with geodetic data.
Furthermore, evaluation of P-waves seismic attenuation and earthquake source parameters of a subset of events
highlighted a strong heterogeneity of the crust and the presence of fault segments and/or weakened zones where
great stress accumulation or long-rupture propagation are hindered.


Southern Calabria;Seismicity;Stress tensor;Attenuation;Source parameters

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