Kinematics and strain analyses of the eastern segment of the Pernicana Fault (Mt. Etna, Italy) derived from geodetic techniques (1997-2005)

M. Palano, M. Aloisi, M. Amore, A. Bonforte, F. Calvagna, M. Cantarero, O. Consoli, S. Consoli, F. Guglielmino, M. Mattia


This paper analyses the ground deformations occurring on the eastern part of the Pernicana Fault from 1997 to
2005. This segment of the fault was monitored with three local networks based on GPS and EDM techniques.
More than seventy GPS and EDM surveys were carried out during the considered period, in order to achieve a
higher temporal detail of ground deformation affecting the structure. We report the comparisons among GPS and
EDM surveys in terms of absolute horizontal displacements of each GPS benchmark and in terms of strain parameters
for each GPS and EDM network. Ground deformation measurements detected a continuous left-lateral
movement of the Pernicana Fault. We conclude that, on the easternmost part of the Pernicana Fault, where it
branches out into two segments, the deformation is transferred entirely SE-wards by a splay fault.


GPS;EDM;ground deformation;Pernicana Fault;Mt. Etna

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