Tidal analysis of data recorded by a superconducting gravimeter

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P. Baldi
G. Casula
S. Focardi
F. Palmonari


A superconducting gravimeter was used to monitor the tidal signal for a period of five months. The instrument was placed in a site (Brasimone station, Italy) chat-acterized by a low noise level, and was calibrated with a precision of 0.2%. Then tidal analysis on hourly data was performed and the results presented in this paper; amplitudes, gravimetric factors, phase differences for the main tidal waves, M2, S2, N2, 01, Pl, K1, QI, were calculated together with barometric pressure admittance and long term instrumental drift.

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Baldi, P., Casula, G., Focardi, S. and Palmonari, F. (1995) “Tidal analysis of data recorded by a superconducting gravimeter”, Annals of Geophysics, 38(2). doi: 10.4401/ag-4116.

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