Rigorous time domain responses of polarizable media II

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M. Caputo
W. Plastino


We present and test in detail with synthetic data a method which may be used to retrieve the parameters describing the induced polarization properties of media which fit the generally accepted frequency dependent formula of Cole and Cole (1941) (CC model). We use time domain data and rigorous formulae obtained from the exact solution of the problem found in a previous note (Caputo, 1996). The observed data considered here are the theoretical responses of the medium to box inputs of given duration in media defined with different parameters; however, as is usually done, only the discharge data are used (Patella >F2F1<, 1987). The curve at the beginning of the discharge is studied in some detail. The method is successful in identifying the parameters when the data fit the CC model; if the medium is not exactly of the CC type the method may also help identify how the medium departs from the CC model. The Laplace Transform of the discharge for a box type input data is also given.

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Caputo, M. and Plastino, W. (1998) “Rigorous time domain responses of polarizable media II”, Annals of Geophysics, 41(3). doi: 10.4401/ag-4338.