Pietro Tacchini as meteorologist: his correspondence kept in the UCEA archives

Franca Mangianti De Angelis, Cesare Mangianti


The present work concerns Tacchini’s activity during the years 1879-1899, while he was director of Rome’s Ufficio

Centrale di Metereologia (Central Office of Meteorology-UCM) now called Ufficio Centrale di Ecologia

Agraria (UCEA-Central Office of Agricultural Ecology). Even if that is only a limited part of Tacchini’s work,

we believe it is extremely interesting to investigate the studies he carried on, in order to bring to light the innovations

he introduced in the meteorological field. The huge amount of letters of of the Tacchini’s epistolary preserved at the UCEA allow us to improve the scientific biography of this very important earth scientist.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-4617
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