Rebaviour of tbe electric conductivity of tbe precipitations



Continuing the researl'hes on the preci]litations, at the
)[cteurulogieal Observatory of )[acerata and the l'hysies lllstitute uf the
Ulliversity of Camerillo, ItUrillg the years 1967/08/69/70 measnrenwnts have
beell catTied uut un the conductivity of Jiquid amI solid predpitatiolls with
the aim of determining- the beha viuur at differellt altit1HIes.
lt hM thus bcen found that the conductivity decrca~cs lillearly ill
the eOllr.~e of the raill Cali iC the willd remains cUllstallt ill dirertion, while
the litwar hehaviollr ceases with the changing of diredinn of the witllt.
The behaviour nf the conductivity is analogou~ at the two (juntaH of obHer.
valiun, except the value of the same whirh appears millor at higher quota.
The law of di.~trihution of the (~otllludivity, considerell as reganis the llellsity
of rainfall, may be re]ll'esenteli with a ]Jarticular fllnction whkh has belm
calculated. However the dispersion of tlte values appears considerable, in
re1ation to the llifferent meteurolog-iral situat ions that aceumpanied the Cali
uf the pn'\(~i]litatinns, ohjed of the researclt. There have also been Jixell
the tran~pnrt equations that reglllatll, in turblllent air maHSt's, the lliffllsion
Hf tlw partides tu which the conductivity of the raills is due.

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