Sulla natura fisica delle onde interne del lago di Bracciano

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It is a well know fact t h a t , at an average depth of 15 m,
during t h e summer and the fall, remarkable internal waves appear in the
lake of Bracciano — as Prof. Caloi has shown — such waves must be explaned
by free oscillations of the surface of thermic jump, which takes place
in the lake in those months.
On the basis of a long series of recordings, taken in two lymnographic
stations operating at the estremes of a diameter of the lake, it was possible
to prove that the Bracciano lake internal waves are of asymmetric type,
according to the theory.

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CALOI, P. and MIGANI, M. (1964) “Sulla natura fisica delle onde interne del lago di Bracciano”, Annals of Geophysics, 17(2), pp. 213–220. doi: 10.4401/ag-5207.