A method for separating O-wave and X-wave and its application in digital ionosonde

Wang Shun, Chen Ziwei, Zhang Feng, Gong Zhaoqian, Li Jutao, Fang Guangyou


Separation for O wave and X wave is a very important job in interpretation of ionograms, which is premise for automatic scaling. In this paper, a new digital method for separating O wave and X wave is presented, based on a numerical synthesizing technique, which is different from using image recognition to separate trace O and trace X in the ionograms, and from using the electrical method to synthesize and detect circularly polarized waves. By replacing analog phase shifters and switches in existing ionosonde with digital phase shifters with different initial phase, 0°, +90°, −90°, circularly polarized waves are synthesized digitally within the range of 1-30 MHz, which eliminates the nonlinearity and expands the bandwidth of the ionosonde, and there is no need to switch the analog switches continuously. The new method has been successfully applied to CAS-DIS ionosonde and testing results show that the new digital method is capable of separating O wave and X wave well.


Ionosonde; Ionogram; Trace O; Trace X; Circularly polarized antenna; Phase shifters

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-6318
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