The new Italian seismic hazard model (MPS19)

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Carlo Meletti
Warner Marzocchi
Vera D'Amico
Giovanni Lanzano
Lucia Luzi
Francesco Martinelli
Bruno Pace
Andrea Rovida
Matteo Taroni
Francesco Visini
MPS19 Working Group


We describe the main structure and outcomes of the new probabilistic seismic hazard model for Italy, MPS19 [Modello di Pericolosità Sismica, 2019]. Besides to outline the probabilistic framework adopted, the multitude of new data that have been made available after the preparation of the previous MPS04, and the set of earthquake rate and ground motion models used, we give particular emphasis to the main novelties of the modeling and the MPS19 outcomes. Specifically, we (i) introduce a novel approach to estimate and to visualize the epistemic uncertainty over the whole country; (ii) assign weights to each model components (earthquake rate and ground motion models) according to a quantitative testing phase and structured experts’ elicitation sessions; (iii) test (retrospectively) the MPS19 outcomes with the horizontal peak ground acceleration observed in the last decades, and the macroseismic intensities of the last centuries; (iv) introduce a pioneering approach to build MPS19_cluster, which accounts for the effect of earthquakes that have been removed by declustering. Finally, to make the interpretation of MPS19 outcomes easier for a wide range of possible stakeholders, we represent the final result also in terms of probability to exceed 0.15 g in 50 years.

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Meletti, C., Marzocchi, W., D’Amico, V., Lanzano, G., Luzi, L., Martinelli, F., Pace, B., Rovida, A., Taroni, M., Visini, F. and Group, M. W. (2021) “The new Italian seismic hazard model (MPS19)”, Annals of Geophysics, 64(1), p. SE112. doi: 10.4401/ag-8579.

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