Guest Editors: Annalisa Cappello1, Daniele Morgavi2

1 Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Osservatorio Etneo, Piazza Roma 2, Catania, Italy

2 Dept. of Earth Sciences (DiSTAR), University Federico II, Via Vicinale Cupa Cintia 21, 80126, Napoli, Italy


Description: Mitigating the impact of volcanic eruptions, as well as identifying and improving the resilience of high-risk communities, is increasingly recognized as a high social priority. The main sources of hazard that could affect volcanic areas are lava flows, pyroclastic density currents, ash fallouts, ballistic ejecta, lahars, and volcano-tectonic earthquakes. These dangerous events can also occur simultaneously in the same place or close to each other in time and space, suggesting the need to investigate cumulative and/or cascading or interacting hazards and impacts, broadening the perspective to non-volcanic hazards, such as wildfires. To minimize and mitigate the risk caused by volcanic eruptions, it is necessary to evaluate both the hazard and how society can respond in the best possible way to the resulting impacts. This Special Issue aims to present a collection of scientific works that promote ideas, methods and applications to better understand volcano dynamics and, consequently, assess hazards with the aim of estimating consequences in terms of integrated risk.  

We welcome contributions regarding new strategies for field and petrological analysis, numerical modeling of eruptive processes, quantification of volcanic hazards and multi-hazard, methods of identification and characterization of vulnerable elements, vulnerability and risk assessment in a multi-risk context and how to combine hazard and risk to increase preparedness and implement mitigation measures.


Opening of the submissions: 1 April 2024 

Closing of the submissions: 31  July  2024

The accepted papers are scheduled for publication in a special issue of Annals of Geophysics, expected to be released by the end of Autumn or early Winter in 2024.


In preparing manuscripts, authors must follow Annals of Geophysics’ author guidelines

Papers must be submitted via the online submission system of Annals of Geophysics

under the “Section”:

“SPECIAL ISSUE: Volcanic risks: observations, analysis, modeling”