About the shallow resistivity structure of Vesuvius volcano

A. Troiano, Z. Petrillo, M. G. Di Giuseppe, M. Balasco, I. Diaferia, B. Di Fiore, A. Siniscalchi, D. Patella


Magnetotelluric (MT) soundings performed in the past in the volcanic area of Mt. Vesuvius by two independent
research groups showed in the same places MT apparent resistivity curves with very similar shape, but statically
shifted by one order of magnitude, at least. To try to resolve this ambiguity new controlled source audio-magnetotelluric
(CSAMT) measurements have been carried out in the same MT sites. The interpretation of the
CSAMT dataset, combined with that of two shallow dipole-dipole geoelectrical resistivity tomographies previously
carried out in the area have allowed a reliable electrical structure to be recovered down to a few km of
depth, which will next be used for a best constrained re-interpretation of the deep MT soundings.


Vesuvius volcanic area;CSAMT survey;resistivity tomography;shallow 2D electrical structure

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-3043
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