2D electrical resistivity tomographies for investigating recent activation landslides in Basilicata Region (Southern Italy)

G. Colangelo, V. Lapenna, A. Loperte, A. Perrone, L. Telesca


The results of a geoelectrical survey in the study of recent activation landslides in the Lucanian Apennine chain
(Southern Italy) are discussed in this paper. During the last two years, after meteorological conditions which affected
Southern Italy and in particular Basilicata Region, many landslides occurred in this area as reactivations
of old movements. These reactivations seriously damaged buildings and infrastructure and they threatened the
safety of the people living in the area. Taking into account the complexity and danger of the phenomena, some
evacuation decrees for a few houses were adopted. In a short time and at low cost, by using the Mobile Laboratory
of IMAA for geophysical measurements, active geoelectrical investigations were carried out and data processing
performed using innovative techniques for data inversion. The results represent a valid cognitive support
to choose the most appropriate technical solution for strengthening of the slopes and an example of best practice
for the cooperation between the Civil Protection of Basilicata Region and IMAA-CNR


landslides;electrical resistivity tomography

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-3048
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