Historical earthquakes and damage patterns in Potenza (Basilicata, Southern Italy)

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F. T. Gizzi
N. Masini


This paper analyzes three historical seismic damage patterns in Potenza, the main town of the Basilicata Region,
in Southern Italy. We refer to the 1826, 1857 and 1930 earthquakes, which hit the town with intensities ranging
from VI-VII to VIII-IX MCS. In order to depict the seismic effects, we analyzed original documents, most of
them never consulted before. The events have been located on an urban map of Potenza dating back to 1875.
This research represents the starting point for further investigations, with the goal of highlighting the causes of
the anomalies in the distribution of the effects.

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Gizzi, F. T. and Masini, N. (2007) “Historical earthquakes and damage patterns in Potenza (Basilicata, Southern Italy)”, Annals of Geophysics, 50(5). doi: 10.4401/ag-3061.