Within-the-hour variability: levels and their probabilities

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S. S. Kouris
K. V. Polimeris
V. Romano
B. Zolesi
L. R. Cander


The study of foF2 data measured every 5-min and of TEC measurements made every 10-min shows that the
within-the-hour variability is different in the two parameters. Deciles of this variability for foF2 and for TEC are
determined together with the probabilities of exceeding a given level of variability. Furthermore, considering
hourly values, it is found that the variability in TEC is like an «intrinsic noise» throughout the day of the order
of less than 5% of the hourly value; but at sunrise and often at sunset large values take place. A seasonal dependence
is evident. Besides, a within-the-hour variability in foF2 is always present with large values at sunrise or
sunset depending on the season, and also during disturbed ionospheric conditions.

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Kouris, S. S., Polimeris, K. V., Romano, V., Zolesi, B. and Cander, L. R. (2006) “Within-the-hour variability: levels and their probabilities”, Annals of Geophysics, 49(4-5). doi: 10.4401/ag-3108.

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