Multiscale integration of satellite, airborne and field data for Mediterranean vegetation studies in the natural area of the Castelporziano Estate (Rome)

A. Allegrini, S. Anselmi, R. M. Cavalli, F Manes, S. Pignatti


new experimental approach to land analysis has recently been developed, based on the integration of information
acquired on different scales; it enables the structure and the functionality of the vegetation in natural ecosystems
to be analysed. This research aims at assessing the potentiality of the experimental approach by the integration
of airborne and satellite remotely sensed data with ground measurements of structural parameters. In July
1999 a joint campaign for the acquisition of airborne (MIVIS, spatial resolution 3 m) and satellite remotely
sensed data (Landsat 5TM, spatial resolution 30 m) and measures taken at ground (PAI), was deployed in the
Presidential Estate at Castelporziano (Rome, Italy). The spectral signatures of the main vegetational types of the
Estate were examined and the PAI were related to NDVI values, calculated by means of satellite and airborne
images. The adopted approach enabled PAI maps to be produced. The linear relation between measured PAI and
estimated PAI showed a higher coefficient of determination when the MIVIS data were used. The sensor high
spectral resolution has moreover allowed to better describe the structural characteristics of the main plant typologies
at Castelporziano Estate.


MIVIS;Landsat;Plant Area Index (PAI);down-scaling;Mediterranean vegetation

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