Comparison between active stress field and tectonic structures in Northern Italy, Lombardy Region

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S. Pierdominici
M. T. Mariucci
P. Montone
M. Cesaro


The aim of this work is to understand the complex pattern of active stress field orientations revealed by borehole
breakout analysis with respect to the tectonic structures in a wide region of Northern Italy. The area is located in
the central-western part of the Po Plain between the south verging Southern Alps structures and the north verging
buried folds and thrusts of the Monferrato and Emilia arcs. Little information concerning the active stress field is
available because of the low seismicity level and the thick layer of sediments that covers the entire zone. A detailed
borehole breakout analysis has been performed in 36 wells with depths ranging from 2.2 to 7.3 km, whose
data have been supplied by Eni. Breakout analysis determined the minimum and maximum horizontal stress directions
(Shmin and SHmax). The results show a very complex pattern, pointing out that the stress field is not uniform.
In this area the regional stress field seems not «strong» enough, compared to the local one, so most of the
wells detect only the local field. This work contributes to clarify the various Shmin orientations observed in this
area, pointing out at wide scale, a general compression in NNE-SSW direction in this complex region.

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Pierdominici, S., Mariucci, M. T., Montone, P. and Cesaro, M. (2005) “Comparison between active stress field and tectonic structures in Northern Italy, Lombardy Region”, Annals of Geophysics, 48(6). doi: 10.4401/ag-3240.

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