A preliminary studyof the site-dependence of the multifractalfeatures of geoelectric measurements

L. Telesca, G. Colangelo, V. Lapenna, M. Macchiato


Multifractal analysis was performed to characterize the fluctuations in dynamics of the hourly time variability
of self-potential signals measured from January 2001 to September 2002 by three stations installed in the Basilicata
region (Southern Italy). Two stations (Giuliano and Tito) are located in a seismic area, and one (Laterza)
in an aseismic area. Multifractal formalism leads to the identification of a set of parameters derived from the shape of the multifractal spectrum (the maximum a0, the asymmetry B and the width W) and measuring the «complexity» of the signals. Furthermore, the multifractal parameters seem to discriminate self-potential signals
measured in seismic areas from those recorded in aseismic areas.


self-potential signals;multifractal formalism

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-3254
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