Tectonomagnetic and VLF electromagnetic signals in Central Italy

A. Meloni, D. Di Mauro, S. Lepidi, G. Mele, P. Palangio


Tectonomagnetic field observations from absolute magnetic field level measurements were undertaken in Central Italy in an area extending between latitude 41°N and 43°N and between longitude 13°E and 15°E. Moreover,natural electromagnetic signals from a system of two VLF search coil wide-band antennas were collected
at the geomagnetic observatory of L Aquila (42º23'N, 13º19'E). The analysis of these data allowed the investigation
of the electromagnetic properties of the study area at different time and spatial lengthscales. Tectonomagnetic
field observations were obtained comparing data simultaneously recorded at three magnetometer stations using L'Aquila Observatory as a reference for differentiation. We report on the time evolution of magnetic and electromagnetic indicators related to local and regional seismic activity.


tectonomagnetism;seismomagneticnetwork;seismic activity;VLF

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-3256
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