Acoustic emission responseof rocks to electric power actionas seismic-electric effect manifestation

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L. M. Bogomolov
P. V. Il'ichev
V. A. Novikov
V. I. Okunev
V. N. Sychev
A. S. Zakupin


Two parts of the research are distinguished in this paper. The first part is devoted to the structure of signals of Acoustic Emission (AE) and electromagnetic emission (EME) which accompany the inelastic straining of terrestrial materials. Special attention is paid to the similarity of waveform of EME signals at various scale lengths. The second (and main) part of the work involves the investigation of AE responses to the action of additional
power fields over strained rocks. Our experimental investigations have revealed the interrelation of acoustic emission activity to power actions applied externally (impacts of electromagnetic field). Different modes of responses
to electromagnetic impact have been specified. The characteristics of such responses and their variations
depending on the material of specimens tested and of electric parameters of external pulses during power impacts
have been considered. A general conclusion on possible electromagnetic triggering of AE has been drawn,the prospects of further studies being outlined.

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Bogomolov, L. M., Il’ichev, P. V., Novikov, V. A., Okunev, V. I., Sychev, V. N. and Zakupin, A. S. (2004) “Acoustic emission responseof rocks to electric power actionas seismic-electric effect manifestation”, Annals of Geophysics, 47(1). doi: 10.4401/ag-3259.