State-of-the-art of the historical seismology in Colombia

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A. Espinosa Baquero
A. A. G. Capera
E. J. Salcedo Hurtado


In Colombia are available a discreet number of historical seismology investigations, dating back 50 years. This paper reviews basic information about earthquakes studies in Colombia, such as primary sources, compilation of descriptive catalogues and parametric catalogues. Father Jesús Emilio Ramírez made the main systematic
study before 1975. During the last 20 years, great earthquakes hit Colombia and, as consequence, historical seismology
investigation was developed in the frame of seismic hazard projects.

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Espinosa Baquero, A., Capera, A. A. G. and Salcedo Hurtado, E. J. (2004) “State-of-the-art of the historical seismology in Colombia”, Annals of Geophysics, 47(2-3). doi: 10.4401/ag-3311.

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