Materials for the investigation of historical seismicity in Algeriafrom the records of past earthquakes

D. Benouar


This paper presents some materials relating to the investigation of historical seismicity in Algeria. The historical
seismicity in Algeria is imperfectly known: its coverage is discontinuous and its record is grossly deficient. The seismicity of the twentieth century is relatively well documented; however, the further back in time, the harder it becomes to collect data. Even so, important research work in studying the seismicity in Algeria has been
made in the past by several studies, notably those by Alexis Perrey, M. Chesneau, F. de Montessus de Ballore,
N.N. Ambraseys and J. Vogt. This paper discusses the problems of historical earthquake investigation in Algeria
and presents a selection of notable historical earthquakes in the country.


Historical seismicity

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