Recent changes in rainfalland air temperature at Agnone(Molise - Central Italy)

M. Izzo, P. P. C. Aucelli, A. Mazzarella


An exhaustive daily rainfall and extreme air temperature series (1883-2000) was reconstructed for Agnone, a
small town in Molise (Central Italy). Long-term analysis identified an increasing trend of 1.3 ± 0.4°C per 100
years, statistically confident at the 95% level, only for minimum air temperature, and of a seasonal march, reasonably
stationary along the entire investigated interval, explaining more than 50% of the corresponding monthly variance,
with maxima in November and July for rainfall and air temperature, respectively. Daily clustering analysis
evidenced scale-invariant properties, largely dependent on the threshold value, for all the investigated parameters.


Molise Region;climatic change;longterm instrumental series;fractal analysis;the Cantor dust method

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