Wavelet analysis on paleomagnetic (and computer simulated) VGP time series

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S. Lorito
G. Giberti
A. Siniscalchi
M. Iorio


We present Continuous Wavelet Transform (CWT) data analysis of Virtual Geomagnetic Pole (VGP) latitude
time series. The analyzed time series are sedimentary paleomagnetic and geodynamo simulated data. Two mother
wavelets (the Morlet function and the first derivative of a Gaussian function) are used in order to detect features
related to the spectral content as well as polarity excursions and reversals. By means of the Morlet wavelet,
we estimate both the global spectrum and the time evolution of the spectral content of the paleomagnetic data
series. Some peaks corresponding to the orbital components are revealed by the spectra and the local analysis
helped disclose their statistical significance. Even if this feature could be an indication of orbital influence on
geodynamo, other interpretations are possible. In particular, we note a correspondence of local spectral peaks
with the appearance of the excursions in the series. The comparison among the paleomagnetic and simulated
spectra shows a similarity in the high frequency region indicating that their degree of regularity is analogous. By
means of Gaussian first derivative wavelet, reversals and excursions of polarity were sought. The analysis was
performed first on the simulated data, to have a guide in understanding the features present in the more complex
paleomagnetic data. Various excursions and reversals have been identified, despite of the prevalent normality of
the series and its inherent noise. The found relative chronology of the paleomagnetic data reversals was compared
with a coeval global polarity time scale (Channel et al., 1995). The relative lengths of polarity stability intervals
are found similar, but a general shift appears between the two scales, that could be due to the datation uncertainties
of the Hauterivian/Barremian boundary.

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Lorito S, Giberti G, Siniscalchi A, Iorio M. Wavelet analysis on paleomagnetic (and computer simulated) VGP time series. Ann. Geophys. [Internet]. 2003Dec.25 [cited 2022Sep.27];46(3). Available from: https://www.annalsofgeophysics.eu/index.php/annals/article/view/3429

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