A stepped frequency GPR system for underground prospectingGiovanni Galiero, Raffaele Persico, Marco Sacchettino and Sergio Vetrella

G. Alberti, L. Ciofaniello, M. Della Noce, S. Esposito, G. Galiero, R. Persico, M. Sacchettino, S. Vetrella


loped by the Italian Consortium for Research on Advanced Remote Sensing Systems (CO.RI.S.T.A.). The system has been specially designed to satisfy archaeological requirements and it will be used to identify and characterise buried objects. The system is a stepped frequency GPR. It can work within a wide band of frequencies both in gated and ungated mode, and it has been already widely described in (Alberti et al., 2000). This paper describes the results of calibration tests in ungated mode performed in the CO.RI.S.T.A. laboratory. In particular, they show that the system can guarantee a dynamic range of about 96 dB.


stepped frequency;GPR

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-3499
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