GPS Zenith Total Delays and Precipitable Water in comparison with special meteorological observations in Verona (Italy)during MAP-SOP

M. Boccolari, S. Fazlagic, P. Frontero, L. Lombroso, S. Pugnaghi, R. Santangelo, S. Corradini, S. Teggi


Continuous meteorological examination of the Pre-Alpine zones in Northern Italy (Po Valley)is important for determination of atmospheric water cycles connected with floods and rainfalls.During a special meteorological observing period (MAP-SOP),radiosounding and other measurements were made in the site of Verona (Italy). This paper deals with Zenith Total Delay (ZTD)and Precipitable Water (PW)comparisons obtained by GPS, radiosounding and other meteorological measurements.PW and ZTD from ground-based GPS data in comparisonwith classical techniques (e.g.,WVR,radiosounding)from recent literature present an accurate tool for use in meteorology applications (e.g.,assimilation in Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP)models on short-range precipitation forecasts).Comparison of such ZTD for MAP-SOP showed a standard deviation of 16.1 mm and PW comparison showed a standard deviation of 2.7 mm,confirming the accuracy of GPS measurements for meteorology applications.In addition,PW data and its time variation are also matched with time series of meteorological situations.Those results indicate that changes in PW values could be connected to changes in air masses, passages of both cold and warm fronts.There is also a correlation between precipitation, forthcoming increase and the following decrease of PW.A good agreement between oscillation of PW and precipitation and strong cyclonic activities is found.


precipitable water;zenith total delay;radiosounding;GPS

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