Local time behaviour of low frequency geomagnetic field fluctuation power at low latitude

S. Lepidi, P. Francia, M. De Lauretis


In this paper we present a statistical study of the local time behaviour of low frequency (0.7-4.0 mHz) geomagnetic field fluctuation power at a low latitude station (corrected geomagnetic latitude 36.2°N). The analysis was conducted for two contiguous years during the ascending phase of the solar cycle. We found that the power of the horizontal east-west geomagnetic field component shows a diurnal and seasonal variation which can be related to variations of the ionospheric current system (Sq) mainly produced by dynamo-action in the ionospheric E region. The power of the horizontal north-south geomagnetic field component is higher in the local afternoon with respect to the morning; this asymmetry is more evident during time intervals characterized by high solar wind dynamic pressure.


Geomagnetic pulsation;MHD waves and instabilities

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-3607
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