The global paleogeographical reconstruction of the Triassic in the earth dilatation framework and the paleoposition of india .

G. Scalera


Following the production of a series of three and Jurassic (Scalers, assistance of paleogeographical reconstructions for the Paleocene, Cretaceous 1995, 1998), a further reconstruction has been made here for the Triassic period, with the paleomagnetic data. The data provided by mutual fragment positions and paleomagnetic vectors, are best reconciled if the data are treated in an expanding Earth framework, and give credence to the view that this represents the real evolution of the Earth. ln particular a new solution of the case of indian paleoposition is given which could constitute the key to a reinterpretation of the Eurasia paleogeography throughout geological time. The main conclusion of this work is that the unambiguous choice between constant radius and increasing radius geodynamic frameworks (dr/dt = 15 mm/yr on average in this work) can be made on the basis of the possibility to define the paleoposition and kinematics of india from the Triassic to the Paleocene.


expanding Earth;global palaeogeography;global gerodynamics

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