Local magnitude, duration magnitude and seismic moment of Dahshour 1992 earthquakes

M. M. Dessokey, H. M. Hussein, E. M. Abdelrahman, M. F. Abdelwahed


Local magnitudes ML have been calculated for 56 earthquakes of the Dahshour 1992 sequence using simulated records of the KEG broadband station and the estimated calibration function of the Dahshour area. These were compared with their corresponding values of duration magnitudes obtained from the analog short period seismograms of the HLW station. The local magnitudes M L and the duration magnitudes M D for this region imply a linear relation as follows: M L = 1.2988 (± 0.04) M D 0.9032 (± 0.14). Seismic moment has also been estimated for these events using simple measurements from the time domain records. These measurements based on the simulated Wood Anderson seismograms are used for the local magnitude (ML ) estimation. The derived relationship between seismic moment (M 0 ) and magnitude (M L ) is: log (M 0 ) = 0.954 (± 0.019) M L + 17.258 (± 0.075).


Dahshour 1992 earthquake;local magnitude;moment

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-3624
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