Seismic hazard assessment in the Ibero-Maghreb region

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M. J. Jiménez
M. García-Fernández


The contribution of the Ibero-Maghreb region to the global GSHAP map has been the result of a fruitful cooperation among the participants in the established Working Group including representatives from Algeria, Morocco, Portugal, Spain and Tunisia and coordinated by ICTJA-CSIC, Spain. For the first time, a map of regional seismic source zones is presented, and agreement on a common procedure for hazard computation in the region has been achieved. The computed Ibero-Maghreb seismic hazard map constitutes the first step towards a uniform hazard assessment for the region. Further joint regional efforts are still needed for earthquake hazard studies based on a homogeneous regional earthquake catalogue. Ongoing initiatives in relation to seismic hazard assessment in the Mediterranean should profit both from these results and the established cooperation among different groups in the region as well as contribute to future regional studies.

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Jiménez MJ, García-Fernández M. Seismic hazard assessment in the Ibero-Maghreb region. Ann. Geophys. [Internet]. 1999Nov.25 [cited 2022Sep.27];42(6). Available from: