Underground earth strain and seismic radiation measurements with a laser interferometer and a dense small-aperture seismic array

A. Amoruso, L. Crescentini, G. De Luca, R. Scarpa, M. Abril, Al. Cirella


This paper describes two geophysical instruments, installed in the underground physics laboratories of Gran Sasso (LNGS-INFN), located in the seismic zone of the Central Apennines, Italy. These instruments monitor strain and seismic radiation with very high sensitivity: one is a 90 m-long laser interferometer, sensitivity 3 x 10-12, frequency response 10-7-10-2 Hz, and has been operating since 1994. The other is a small-aperture seismic array composed of 21 three-component short period (Mark L4C-3D) and 3 broadband (Guralp CMG-3ESP) seismometers. This dense array will be in operation at the beginning of 1998.


strain;seismic array;seismometry

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-3841
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