On the origin of medium-period ionospheric waves and their possible modelling: a short review

P. Dominici, L. R. Cander, B. Zolesi


This article introduces the concept of ionospheric waves with periods from about 15 min to about 4 h as one of the acoustic-gravity wave-induced phenomena. The existence of these medium-period ionospheric waves in the various ionospheric layers is supported by the results of a data analysis which has shown remarkable characteristics in occurrence and direction of the waves with a period not longer than about 2 h. The explanation offered is based on the assumption that a unique phenomenon capable to launch acoustic-gravity waves related to such ionospheric waves is the sudden change in physical conditions of the atmosphere due to the passage of the solar terminator.


Ionosphere;ionospheric waves;acoustic gravity waves

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-3855
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