Geothermics of the Apenninic subduction

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P. Harabaglia
F. Mongelli
G. Zito


The subduction of the Adriatic microplate is analysed from a geothermal point of view. In particular four main geodynamic units are distinguished: foreland, foredeep and slab, accretionary prism, and back-arc basin. Each of them is examined from a geothermal point of view and the related open question are discussed. The most relevant results are the determination of the undisturbed geothermal gradient in the aquifer of the foreland; the discovery of a « hot » accretionary prism; and a new model of instantaneous extension of the back-arc basins. The main conclusion is that geothermal data are consistent with a westward dipping subduction that migrated eastward producing a sequence of several episodes at the surface.

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Harabaglia, P., Mongelli, F. and Zito, G. (1997) “Geothermics of the Apenninic subduction”, Annals of Geophysics, 40(5). doi: 10.4401/ag-3869.