Tentative list of major deformation events in the Central-Eastern Mediterranean region since the middle Miocene

D. Babbucci, C. Tamburelli, E. Mantovani, D. Albarello


A list of major constraints to impose on evolutionary reconstructions of the Central-Eastern Mediterranean region for the middle Miocene period to the Present is proposed. Each constraint is constituted by a tentative description of the deformation and related tectonic regime which affected major active zones during each evolutionary phase. This information has been derived from the analysis of the available observations in the various branches of Earth Sciences, trying to select clearly recognized deformations, possibly supported by independent observations. The list here reported has been used to constrain the evolutionary reconstruction proposed by Mantovani et al.(1997).


Mediterranean;major deformations;geodynamic constraints

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-3895
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