Central Italy magnetotelluric investigation. Structures and relations to seismic events: analysis of initial data

A. Meloni, P. Palangio, M. Marchetti, E. Teisseyre, J. Marianiuk, T. Ernst


A scientific collaboration between the Warsaw Academy of Science, (Poland) and the National Institute of Geophysics (Italy), gave rise to the installation of few stations for the long term measurement of magnetotelluric fields in central Italy. The selection of investigation sites was determined by the individual seismic interest of each location. The project began in the summer of 1991, with the installation of 2 magnetotelluric stations in the province of Isernia, (Collemeluccio and Montedimezzo). In 1992, 2 more stations became operative, one in the province of Rieti, (Fassinoro), the other in the province of L'Aquila, (S. Vittoria). For the purpose of this project, the magnetic observatory in L'Aquila was also equipped with electric lines, for the measurement of the telluric field. The aim of the analysis here presented, is to show that is possible to follow the temporal evolution of magnetotelluric characteristic parameters. At Collemeluccio this evolution was compared with the seismic released energy for events recorded within the study area.



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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-3959
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