Correlation in f0F2 and M(3000) F2 variations in South-West Europe

B. A. de la Morena, L. F. Alberca, J. G. Sole, J. M. Vilaplana, E. S. Kazimirovsky


A statistical analysis of the variations of the hourly daily values of the M(3000)F2 with the corresponding values of critical frequencies f0F2 was provided for two similar ionosondes (Digisonde-256) located in El Arenosillo and Geophysical Observatory Ebro (both in Spain). Data for winter 1993/1994 and summer 1993 are presented. It is shown that for hour-to-hour variations (both seasons) and for day-to-day variations in summer the correlation is poor and contradictory but for the day-to-day variations in winter months the correlation is significantly higher and positive.


radio propagation;ionosphere

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