Interfacing between regional and global, electron density height profile

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B. Zolesi
L. R. Cander


A first analysis of the possibility of interfacing regional and global electron density height profile models, over a buffer zone, was performed considering the results obtained using different models such as IRI 90 (Bilitza, 1990), DGR (Di Giovanni et al., 1992) and RAL MPQ (Dick and Bradley, 1992). The differences ?N ?cm3 of electron density as a function of altitude between different models were calculated using monthly median experimental data measured at Rome station and values predicted by URSI, STRM (Zolesi et al., 1993) and EOF (Singer and Dvinskikh, 1991) mapping models for the same point. Composite ionograms are used to roughly evaluate the performances of the three models considered.

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Zolesi, B. and Cander, L. R. (1996) “Interfacing between regional and global, electron density height profile”, Annals of Geophysics, 39(4). doi: 10.4401/ag-4017.

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