Conception of a macroseismic catalogue for Catalonia (Spain)

M. T. Susagna, X. Goula, A. Roca


Since 1989 the Servei Geològic de Catalunya has been collecting macroseismic information of the North East of Spain and the South of France to create a comprehensive and reliable Catalogue which would be of use in seismic hazard assessment. Existing compilations have been submitted to a critical analysis and comparison, bearing in mind the resu1ts of recent historical research. For the seismicity of the present century macroseismic information is being studied by analyzing the original questionnaires. For each earthquake the felt intensities are stored on a data bank system. Due to the geographic location of the area under scrutiny, near the French border, collaboration with French agencies has been necessary to achieve joint information for Pyrenean earthquakes. Ancient instrumental records taken in two observatories (FBR and EBR) working since the beginning of this century have helped to determine focal parameters.



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