The reliability of reported depths of some earthquake sequences in Northwestern Greece (Epirus and Corfu Island) and the geodynamic situation of the area

B. Muço


The study of the earthquakes of the rectangle with coordinates 39°-40°N 19°-21°E is very important for a better understanding of the geodynamics of this area. In and near this zone, the subduction of the Aegean arc stops, and northward, going to the Albanian coast, the confrontation between the Adria microplate and the Albanian orogen is probably of collisional type. In this approach based on records of Greek seismological stations situated in this area as well as southern stations of the Albanian Seismological Network (ASN), the depth of the earthquakes of some sequences that occurred recently in this zone is carefully investigated. Some records of Southern Albanian seismological stations resulting from earthquakes with the same epicentral zone but reported with different depth are compared. The importance of detailed studies of this zone is stressed to shed light on the geodynamics of a key segment of the northwestern end of the Aegean arc.


microseismicity;earthquake sequence;hypocenter determination;focal depth;focal mechanism solution

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Published by INGV, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia - ISSN: 2037-416X