An unknown destructive earthquake in 18th century Sicily

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D. Mariotti


The current Italian seismic catalogues are generally considered complete, as regards the destructive seismic
events which occurred from the 17th century onwards. In fact, research performed using target methodologies
still reveal earthquakes of high intensity, not yet known to the seismological tradition. This is the case of an
earthquake which occurred on 14 September 1780, which caused serious damage and victims in some towns
of the Tyrrhenian coast of North-eastern Sicily (I0, = VIII MCS). The information reported in an anonymous
printed account was verified in the administrative records; this allowed a reconstruction of a macroseismic
outline of great interest, which may make more precise the seismic hazard assessment in an area at high environmental
risk due to the presence in Milazzo of an important chemico-industrial complex.

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Mariotti, D. (1995) “An unknown destructive earthquake in 18th century Sicily”, Annals of Geophysics, 38(5-6). doi: 10.4401/ag-4060.