The 1638 earthquakes, migratory phenomena and geolinguistic consequences in Calabria

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G. Chiodo
I. Guerra
J. Trumper


Two disastrous earthquakes occurred in Calabria (Southern Italy) in 1638: on March 27th the first one had a
destructive damage area on the Tyrrheniail side of Mid-Calabria. the second one hit the east side of the same
region on June 9th. In historical times they are the most intensive seismic events in their respective epicentral
areas. so that the reconstruction of their effects is very important for the analysis and assessment of seismic
risk. They strongly influenced, moreover, the development of the economy and socio-cultural status of many
urban communities. A study of these shocks has been carried out and has implied a thorough re-evaluation of
the historical sources of information already known and the exploitation of possible new sources. The two
macroseismic fields have been reconstructed: in particular that of the second seismic event, the strongest one
in its epicentral area. stimulates a thorough revision of the seismotectonics of the Middle-eastern Calabria.
Moreover the reconstruction of the historical facts accompanying and following the earthquakes has furnished
elements that help to explain observed anomalies in the spatial distribution of Calabrian dialect phenomena.

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Chiodo, G., Guerra, I. and Trumper, J. (1995) “The 1638 earthquakes, migratory phenomena and geolinguistic consequences in Calabria”, Annals of Geophysics, 38(5-6). doi: 10.4401/ag-4077.

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