Parameters and criteria for repair and strengthening of buildings in the old town core of Dubrovnik based on seismic risk analysis

M. Vladimir


Definition of the seismicity conditions, the design seismic parameters and the seismic risk level are important
and inevitable phases ol the complex process of repair and strengthening of existing structures in certain towns
located in seismically active areas. These should be studied in all necessary details in order to provide corresponding
bases and define the necessary preventive measures against expected strong earthquakes. Such an approach
becomes even nlore necessary arter the experience regarding the last catastrophic earthquakes that occurred
in Former Yugoslavia (Skopje. Banja Luka, Montenegro coast and Kopaonik) and inflicted heavy losses
of human lives and material properties. The old town core of Dubrovnik is known for the large concentration
of buildings of enorrnous cultural-historic importance. Considering the high seismic activity of this area. all
these buildings are very likely to experience heavy damage and failure. Tlie history of the town records many
catastrophic earthquakes that inflicted heavy material losses and loss of human lives. Here, we can rnention the
great Dubrovnik earthquake of 1667 and the last Montenegro earthquake of April 15, 1979 with an epicenter
in the Ulcinj-Bar area. The consequences of the latter are well known. The purpose of this paper is to present
some results and experience gained from the investigations performed for the area of Dubro~nikil lustrated by
several examples of buildings existing in the old town core of Dubrovnik.


Dubrovnik;seismic hazard;seismic hazard analysis;seismic microzonation;seismic design parameter;design and maximum earthquake;strengthening

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