History, observation and mathematical models in the seismic analysis of the Valadier abutment area in the Colosseum

G. Croci, D. D'Ayala, R. Liburdi


The present work aimed to outline the need to investigate different fields of research to interpret the structural
behaviour of a monument as complex as the Colosseum. It is shown how defining the numerical models first.
then refining them, followed by interpretation of results. is strictly linked with the inforination gathered from
historical records and observation of the ~nonumenta s it is today. The study is confined to the area of the Valadier
abutment. analysing its state and its seismic behaviour before and after the XIX century restoration using
different ilumerical tools, from the elastic modal analysis to the non linear step by step time history direct integration.
The procedure comparati\ely evaluates the reliability in the interpretation of the results and identifies
future lines or research.


Historical records;Roman Colosseum;seismic behaviour;numerical analysis

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-4096
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