A magnetovariational study in Central Italy: Standard techniques

E. Bozzo, G. Caneva, A. Elena, M. Gambetta, E. Zunino


magnetovariational study was performed in Central Italy, with an array of magnetometers located at Radicondoli (SI), Radda in Chianti (SI), Roccalbegna (GR), Città di Castello (PG) and Pennabilli (PS) from February to May 1992. Geomagnetic transfer functions in the frequency domain were calculated using the standard least squares tecnique. The induction arrows for the periods T= 32 min and T= 128 min, the Hypothetical Event (HE) maps and two IZ/HI pseudosections across the array, show the magnetovariational effect of the upper mantle anomaly in the Tuscan-Tyrrhenian area and the contrast between different crustal types.


magnetovariations;Parkinson induction arrows;pseudosections;Tuscan geothermal anomaly;Tyrrhenian upper mantle anomaly

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-4175
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