Geomagnetism, volcanoes, global climate change, and predictability. A progress report

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G. P. Gregori


A model is investigated, by which the encounters of the solar system with dense interstellar clouds ought to trigger either geomagnetic field reversals or excursions, that produce extra electric currents within the Earth dynamo, that cause extra Joule's heating, that supplies volcanoes and endogenous processes. Volcanoes increase the Earth degassing into the atmosphere, hence the concentration of the minor atmospheric constituents, including the greenhouse gases, hence they affect climate temperature, glacier melting, sea level and global change. This investigation implies both theoretical studies and observational data handling on different time scales, including present day phenomena, instrumental data series, historical records, proxy data, and geological and palaeontological evidences. The state of the art is briefly outlined, mentioning some already completed achievements, investigations in progress, and future perspectives.

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Gregori, G. P. (1994) “Geomagnetism, volcanoes, global climate change, and predictability. A progress report”, Annals of Geophysics, 37(5 Sup.). doi: 10.4401/ag-4178.

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