The FDSN Archive at the IRIS Data Management Center

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T. Ahern


In August of 1990, the IRIS Data Management Center (IRIS DMC) was designated as the first FDSN Data Center. Since that time the IRIS DMC has also come to be known as the FDSN Archive. As the FDSN Archive, all member networks, through their own local Network Data Centers, routinely send data to the IRIS DMC. At the present time we have received data from seven member networks. These include: CNSN (Canada); CDSN (China); GEOSCOPE (France); Graefenberg (Germany); IRIS GSN (U.S.A.); MEDNET (Italy); POSEIDON (Japan). In addition to acting as the FDSN Archive, the IRIS DMC is responsible for archiving and distributing data from several sources. The Global Seismographie Network (GSN) and the Program for Array Seismic Studies of the Continental Lithosphere (PASSCAL) and the Joint Seismic Program (JSP) are three IRIS programs that presently send data to the IRIS DMS. The DMC also archives data from some regional networks in the United States and in the Former Soviet Union (FSU). The DMC is one component of a larger Data Management System (DMS) consisting of several components including two Data Collection Centers (DCCs), one Data Management Center (DMQ, a DMC Host at the University of Washington, a Wave form Quality Center (WQC), and the Moscow Data Analysis Center (MDC) in Russia.

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