GSETT 3: a test of an experimental international seismic monitoring system

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F. Ringdal


The UN Conference on Disarmament's Group of Scientific Experts (GSE) was established in 1976 to consider international co operative measures to detect and identify seismic events. Over the years, the GSE has developed and tested several concepts for an International Seismic Monitoring System (ISMS) for the purpose of assisting in the verification of a potential comprehensive test ban treaty. The GSE is now planning its third global technical test. (GSETT 3) in order to test new and revisled concepts for an ISMS. GSETT 3 wili be an unprecedented global effort to conduct an operationally realistic test of rapid collection, distribution and processing of seismie data. A global network of seismograph stations will provide data to an International Data Center, where the data will be processed an results made available to participants. The full scaIe phase of GSETT 3 is scheduled to begin in January 1995.

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Ringdal, F. (1994) “GSETT 3: a test of an experimental international seismic monitoring system”, Annals of Geophysics, 37(3). doi: 10.4401/ag-4203.

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