Lithospheric structure models applied for locating the Romanian seismic events

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M. Rizescu
E. Popescu
V. Oancea
D. Enescu


The paper presents our attempts made for improving the locations obtained for local seismic events, using refined lithospheric structure models. The location program (based on Geiger method) supposes a known model. The program is run for some seismic sequences which occurred in different regions, on the Romanian territory, using for each of the sequences three velocity models: 1) 7 layers of constant velocity of seismic waves, as an average structure of the lithosphere for the whole territory; 2) site dependent structure (below each station), based on geophysical and geological information on the crust; 3) curves deseribing the dependence of propagation velocities with depth in the lithosphere, characterizing the 7 structural units delineated on the Romanian territory. The results obtained using the different velocity models are compared. Station corrections are computed for each data set. Finally, the locations determined for some quarry blasts are compared with the real ones.

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Rizescu, M., Popescu, E., Oancea, V. and Enescu, D. (1994) “Lithospheric structure models applied for locating the Romanian seismic events”, Annals of Geophysics, 37(3). doi: 10.4401/ag-4215.