Results from Swedish oblique soundings campaigns

M. Broms, B. Lundhorg


In the context of the COST 238, PRIME project, two campaigns of oblique soundings with the Chirpsounder receiver at Linkoping, Sweden were made in parallel with vertical sounding campaigns. One campaign was made in June, 1992, when transmissions from Southern Spain were monitored, the other in December, 1992 when a transmitter at Chelveston, U.K, was monitored. The scaled values of F2MOF, 2-hop F2MOF and LOF give information on the variation of these parameters on short time scales and from day to day. High correlations between 2-hop F2MOF and F2MOF are found. Good agreement was found between the 2-hop MOF and MUF(1400)F2 calculated from vertical soundings at St. Peter Ording, Germany.


Ionosphere;HF propagation;oblique sounding;Chirpsounder

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