National borders earthquakes: an attempt at intensity maps unification

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V. De Rubeis
A. Maramai
A. Tertulliani


In this paper the problem of unification of macroseismic maps across national borders is discussed. Up to now some attempts in this way have been carried out, evidencing the difficulties present in such analysis. A filter technique working on intensity data is applied on these particular kinds of events, with the goal of homogenizing different macroseismic fields coming from neighboring countries. The filter, aIready tested on Italian earthquakes, has been used on five European earthquakes of this century, for which different data sets and partial interpretations exist in literature. This approach works well with data sets limited to a single country. Moreover it could be successfully utilized for border events too, wherever a unification of intensity assessment methods has been carried out among neighboring countries.

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De Rubeis, V., Maramai, A. and Tertulliani, A. (1994) “National borders earthquakes: an attempt at intensity maps unification”, Annals of Geophysics, 37(1). doi: 10.4401/ag-4236.

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